Garrett Enterprises LLC is a substance abuse counseling and education company. It is owned and operated by Vanessa A.Garrett RN, ASN,LCADC, Chief Executive Officer and Joseph D. R. Garrett Sr, LCADC, Executive Officer   

The company was established in March of 2002. The staff consist of a Registered Nurse (RN), Licensed Clinical Alcohol and Drug Counselors (LCADC) and other support staff. 

Our mission is to provide quality education and screening to individuals convicted of DUI's (Driving under the influence) offenses.

Currently Garrett Enterprises LLC operates the Central Region 48hr. Intoxicated Driver's Resource Center (DRC). We do not offer any  counseling services at this time.   

Individuals who reside in Burlington , Mercer , Monmouth and Ocean Counties who have been convicted of DUI and/or ordered to complete a 48hr. IDRC are scheduled to attend this IDRC by the Intoxicated Driver Program (IDP) in Trenton , N.J. 

Our Phone # is (732)264-8210, Fax #: (732) 264-8212
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Our calling hrs. are Wednesdays and Thursdays from 1pm-4pm, but you may leave a message at any time and your call will be returned within 2 business days.

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